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Finex House is shelter for battered women and their children; especially those who have disabilities and/or women who are trafficked.  We are wheelchair accessible with two concrete ramps and an internal lift.  Finex House also has a light-coded signal system for deaf, battered women and their children.  Finex House is an equal opportunity service provider and therefore any woman who has been abused is strongly encouraged to call for services. 

Three formerly abused women incorporated Finex House in 1983.  Our motto is, “I Belong to No One.”  Our mission is to provide shelter and services for all battered women, especially those who have dropped through the cracks of existing service providers.  Accordingly, Finex House provides emergency shelter and a comprehensive array of services for the most vulnerable of battered women. A few of the services provided by Finex House are as follows:

  • Wheelchair Accessibility

  • Emergency Safe Shelter with 32 beds

  • 24 hr Hotline 617-288-1054

  • Attorneys to go to court with battered women

  • Housing advocacy

  • Help with moving

  • Crisis intervention

  • Emergency Response, Trauma Support and Counseling

  • Special Needs Advice

  • Child Advocacy and Support Programs (CASP)

  • 12 housing vouchers for our Shelter Plus After Care Programs (S+P)

  • (CASP) Child Advocacy and Support Project with Day Care

  • Sign Language, Spanish, Vietnamese, French and Haitian Creole spoken

  • Outreach and services for battered women who are Deaf

  • Self Esteem Groups

  • Three different types of Parenting Groups

  • Mental health therapy

  • Substance Abuse Counseling;

  • Elder services

  • And much more.

In addition, Finex House has developed “Escape: A Handbook for Battered Women Who Have Disabilities.”  For more information contact:

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