Finex House is shelter for battered women and their children; especially those who have disabilities and/or women who are trafficked. Our mission is to provide shelter and services for all battered women, especially those who have dropped through the cracks of existing service providers.


Finex House
PO Box 300670

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
24-HR Hotline: 617-288-1054

Office: 617-436-2002
Fax 617-287-0553

Finex House Boston
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- 自 1983 年以来 Finex House 格言


Finex House 为受虐妇女及其子女提供住所;特别是那些有被贩运的残疾人和/或妇女。我们坐轮椅可进入两个混凝土坡道和一个内部电梯。 Finex House还为失聪,受虐妇女和他们的孩子设计了一个灯光编码信号系统。 Finex House是一家平等的机会服务提供商,因此强烈建议任何遭受虐待的女性提供服务

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